What Are the Best Tips for Body Waxing?

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Body waxing is a method of removing unwanted hair that can easily be done at home and lasts longer than shaving or plucking, in addition to being less expensive than laser hair removal. There are, however, some important guidelines to follow when waxing at home to avoid unwanted results. For one, the skin where hair is to be removed should be healthy, with no cuts, blemishes, or sunburn that can make the skin more sensitive. Certain areas of the body where the skin is very thin, such as the bikini area, may need to be waxed by a professional to avoid tearing, which can be quite painful. For the most effective results, hair should be allowed to grow for around one month before waxing.

A professional salon may refuse to perform body waxing on someone who has been sunburned or been in a tanning salon very recently because waxing can damage the skin. At home, waxing should also be avoided in these circumstances, because recently tanned or sunburned skin is especially sensitive and could develop a rash or dermatitis if not allowed to heal sufficiently. Skin that has been damaged by other causes, such as cuts, acne, or rashes, should not be waxed until the problem has fully healed. Those with very sensitive skin may also need to avoid body waxing. Care should also be used when body waxing if the skin has been very recently exfoliated; do not wax if any signs of irritation are present, such as redness, a burning sensation, or swelling.

Body waxing involves applying a sticky wax or paste to the skin and then removing it quickly, often using a cloth or paper waxing strip, to pull out the hair that sticks to the wax. Certain areas of the body, such as the bikini area and armpits, have thinner skin that could be more easily torn away when the wax is removed. Thinner skin can also be more sensitive and may burn more quickly if the wax is too hot. These areas may need to be waxed only by a professional who knows the proper techniques to avoid these types of injuries.

Another important tip to follow when body waxing is to make sure the hair is long enough to adhere to the wax. For most areas of the body, hair should be allowed to grow for about a month before waxing. While this may seem like a long time, the hair will grow in thinner and softer each time, making the growth less noticeable.


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