What are the Best Tips for Basement Design Ideas?

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Turning a basement space into an extra room is easy to do with some great basement design ideas in mind. The first step towards creating a livable basement space is to check local building guidelines. Most local building departments have set standards regarding the height of a basement ceiling. In order to create a livable space, your basement ceiling must be placed at the right height.

Even basement ceilings that are low can be raised with a bit of help from a local contractor. In fact, an entire basement area should be completely finished from ceiling to floor prior to creating a living space. In addition, you'll also want to work on those things that make a basement feel dark, damp, and uninviting.

Lighting, ventilation, and dampness issues are the main things to pay attention to before any basement design ideas are put into action. Artificial lighting should be bright and warm, while some natural sunlight should be allowed to filter into the space. A damp basement is not an easy problem to fix, though any amount of water or moisture must be eliminated prior to creating a livable basement space.

To address dampness problems, it is best to speak with a licensed contractor. Often, a damp basement is caused by cracks in a home's foundation, or by gutters that may be sending water directly into a home. While these issues may be expensive to repair, a cozy basement space cannot be achieved without eliminating dampness.


Any ventilation obstacles can be avoided by purchasing powerful dehumidifiers. Alternately, expanding a home's heating and cooling system to include a basement space will help create a breathable environment. Once all of these tasks have been accomplished, you can then start to think about different basement design ideas that will work for the type of space that you currently have.

A basement space can really be turned into any kind of room, ranging from a home office to a guest suite. Ideal basement design ideas come from thinking about the kind of room that you want to create, and then try and imagine ways to turn that empty storage space into a place that you, or your guests, will enjoy. You may also want to consider creating a home theater, a child's playroom, a family room, a home gym, or a library.

Rather than add an extension to your home, you may wish to think about some of the basement design ideas mentioned above. After completing all of the necessary tasks required to create a space that is well-ventilated, free of dampness, and properly lighted, a basement can be turned into any kind of room with ease.



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