What are the Best Tips for Baking Coconut Tarts?

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A southeast Asian take on the tart, coconut tarts are a dessert that is not highly sweetened but simple to make by following a few necessary steps to ensure the tart is a culinary success. One key to perfectly sweetened coconut tarts is to use sweetened shredded coconut as opposed to the unsweetened variety. Another key is to toast the coconut that will go on top of the tart prior to baking the tart.

When shredded coconut is toasted, the flavor is enhanced. Since coconut tarts are a mild dessert, it is important to have the utmost flavor from the key ingredient. The oven used to toast the coconut should be preheated to no more than 350 degrees. Otherwise the coconut will brown too quickly or burn. After spreading the coconut in a thin layer across a baking tray, bake for no more than 15 minutes. Immediately after taking the tray from the oven, remove the coconut from the tray, or it will continue to toast from the heat of the tray.


For the custard filling for coconut tarts, always use whole milk verses a lower fat choice. The filling for the tart will never achieve the desired consistency if whole milk is not used. The custard filling should be thick and not watery. If shredded coconut is to be added, do not use the toasted coconut, but save that for the top of the tart. When adding the coconut, make sure that it is very evenly distributed throughout.

While the custard is cooking, never leave it unattended. For the smoothest and most consistent custard, the mixture must be constantly whisked. After it is done cooking and removed from the stove, pour the custard into a bowl to cool. The custard must be covered as it cools. A piece of plastic wrap is best for covering. It must be pressed directly onto the custard surface. The reason for this is that, as the custard cools, it will form a thick skin that will be unusable when it comes time to prepare if left uncovered.

When mixing the ingredients for the pastry shell, always use ice cold water when water is called for. This will help with the consistency of the dough used for the shell. Prior to pre-heating the oven, place the oven rack in the middle level of the oven. After the shell is done baking, pour the filling into the shell immediately. Coconut tarts are best when served on the day on which they are baked.



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