What are the Best Tips for Baking a Strawberry Tart?

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Considered an open-top pie, a strawberry tart is a delicate dessert that requires a certain acumen to achieve the best results. With the strawberries being the focal point of the dessert, the key to its success will be choosing the right berries. The key to making sure that the best berries will end up in the tart is to choose those that are the smallest and of the deepest red hue. The second key to the success of a strawberry tart is following the correct process for making the pastry shell.

While creating the pastry for a strawberry tart may seem overwhelming, it does not have to prove to be by following a few tips to help achieve the best results. First, always make the pastry dough a day in advance. Second, when storing the pre-made pastry dough in the refrigerator, make sure that it is well wrapped and that no air can get to it. If air reaches the dough, it will become dry and will not spread or bake correctly.

Once the dough is rolled out, gently lay the dough in the pan. Do not pull the dough, as it will cause areas to pull back from the side of the pan or shrink to its original size when baked. If there is a spot where there the dough is missing and does not cover the pan, use an extra piece from the leftover scraps to fill in the gap.

Pre-baking the pastry shell before filling it is imperative. This ensures a fully cooked crust that is flaky verses one that is not completely cooked and a bit tacky or gooey. To ensure that the crust stays flat and does not bubble or rise in parts, cover the dough with parchment paper, waxed paper, or aluminum foil. Then fill the pan with rice, beans, or baking weights to ensure the crust stays even. This pre-baking process with an empty pastry shell is called blind baking.

Once the crust is baked, a thin layer of glaze can be painted over the crust to ensure that the crust stays dry during the rest of the filling process and the second baking. The filling process now begins. The amount of fruit put in the shell is up to the cook, as is the way the strawberries are arranged within the tart. Some like a lighter strawberry tart, while others favor a much fuller strawberry tart overloaded with berries. This is simply a matter of personal choice.



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