What are the Best Tips for Alzheimer's Disease Management?

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There are many tips intended to help patients and their families with Alzheimer’s disease management. For example, Alzheimer’s patients and their families can help themselves by being prepared for medical appointments. Alzheimer’s patients may also benefit from a treatment plan that combines medication with exercise, stimulating activities, and treatment of other conditions. Often, however, an important part of Alzheimer’s disease management is making sure the patient’s caregiver remains equal to the job by ensuring that he has support and time to take care of himself.

One of the best tips for Alzheimer’s disease management involves being prepared for doctor’s appointments. If, for example, the patient will be seeing a new doctor, it may prove helpful to take along a list of the medications he is currently taking. A patient and his caregiver can help ensure the success of his treatment by showing up well prepared for routine medical appointments as well. For example, a patient may show up to appointments with a list of questions and concerns as well as a record of symptoms he’s had. Often, a loved one may maintain such logs and provide the information on behalf of the Alzheimer’s patient.


Another tip for Alzheimer’s disease management involves approaching it from various angles. A person may benefit from taking medications his doctor prescribes for treating mental deterioration and the loss of memory. Often, however, a doctor may also recommend exercises and recreation that help to keep the Alzheimer’s patient stimulated and slow the progress of the disease. Adding the treatment of other conditions to the management plan may prove beneficial as well. Sometimes other health or psychological conditions hasten or at least contribute to Alzheimer’s symptoms.

Some of the best tips for Alzheimer’s management are those intended for an Alzheimer’s patient’s caregiver. For example, one tip for caregivers involves creating a routine for getting the patient dressed in the mornings and preparing him for bed. Establishing routines for exercising and eating may prove helpful as well. In many cases, predictable routines help to minimize the behavioral problems a patient may display. For instance, getting dressed and undressed at the same time each day may minimize combativeness in some Alzheimer’s patients.

One of the most important tips for an Alzheimer’s patient’s caregiver involves seeking support. Caring for a person with Alzheimer’s disease can be both physically and emotionally draining. Joining a support group for caregivers may help. Counseling sessions may help caregivers as well. Sometimes even having someone to substitute for the regular caregiver from time to time can also provide much needed respite.



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