What are the Best Tips for Advanced Weight Loss?

Weight control is a difficult issue for many individuals. Losing weight requires a change in lifestyle that must be sustained over a long period of time to be effective. An advanced weight loss program is a program designed to modify behavior in the areas of eating, exercise, and dietary supplements.

Water is one of the most critical elements for any advanced weight loss program. Drinking plenty of water keeps the body feeling full. Most humans require a minimum of 64 ounces (1.89 liters) of liquid per day. An advanced weight loss diet includes drinking water a minimum of five times throughout the day. The first glass of water should begin upon rising from sleep. This helps the body prepare for the day.

Green tea has been shown to increase metabolism and help dieters lose weight. This tea has special antioxidant ingredients as well as diuretic properties. An advanced weight loss program should include a daily glass of green tea. This will help the body flush unwanted chemicals and promote weight loss.

Eating habits are critical for an advanced weight loss program. A good diet program includes proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. A dieter should plan on to eat six small meals per day at two-hour increments. This will keep her metabolism burning at a higher rates with fewer total calories throughout the day.


All white flour and artificial sugar products should be removed from the dieter’s food supply. Any preprocessed food and sugars are considered wasted calories and should be avoided. This includes all cakes, cookies, ice cream, and potato chips. Any food that is considered “junk food” should be eliminated from the daily diet.

Foods that are high in vitamins and minerals make a good replacement for daily snacks. These foods include carrots, celery, tomatoes, and most green vegetables. Each meal should include some basic vegetable supplements to help with proper diet balance.

Fruits are also important for dieting, especially as a breakfast or early morning snack. Fruit are high in sugar and natural carbohydrates, which helps the body prepare for the day. An early-morning snack of oranges, grapefruit, or bananas is an excellent way to start the day.

Oatmeal and other grain products are also an important carbohydrate to add to an advanced weight loss program. Oatmeal is a quick-digesting carbohydrate that helps give the body energy in the morning. Carbohydrates should be limited for dinner and evening snacks because the extra energy is not needed during the late night hours.

Exercise is another critical element for any advanced weight loss. A dieter should plan to exercise at least four times per week. Each day should include some basic walking and cardio routine with light stretching.



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