What Are the Best Tips for a Successful Camping Trip?

A good camping trip doesn't just happen; planning ahead of time will save a lot of headaches and ensure the safety and enthusiasm of all campers. Any camper who has shown up to a camping trip and realized he or she forgot something important can attest to the value of prior proper planning. A checklist is a great way to stay organized before the trip and ensure all items get packed away. Laying out necessary items on the floor and checking them off the list will ensure no necessary items get left behind.

The organizer of the camping trip will benefit from thinking carefully about the people who will be coming along on that trip. If, for example, children will be camping along with adults, it will be necessary to think about daily activities that will hold the interest of the children and still be rewarding for the adults. Safety is, of course, a primary concern of any camping trip, but safety with children is even more essential. The kids on the trip will need to be educated about fire safety, wilderness safety, and water safety if any bodies of water are nearby. Children should be encouraged to use the buddy system at all times to prevent them from getting lost in the woods.


Think about the type of camping trip to ensure fun and safety. Car camping will require different tools, accessories, and activities than a backpacking trip, in which the camper will carry all of his equipment on his back. Car campers should remember to bring comfortable chairs; while sitting on a log or on the ground can be fun and comfortable for a little while, longer camping trips will require more comfortable seating arrangements. Backpackers will need to think carefully about food and how to cook that food. Backpacking stoves are small and very light, but the car camper can use a larger stove with two burners instead of one.

The tent is the home away from home on a camping trip, and the quality and size of that tent can dictate how enjoyable the trip will be. Make sure the tent is seam-sealed to prevent leaks, and don't forget to bring the rain fly. Inspect the tent beforehand to find out if any tears or rips exist, and if any mold has grown in the tent during storage. The tent should be appropriately large or small for the number of people who will be sleeping in it, and if it is being used on a backpacking trip, it should be light enough for daily transport.



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When you go camping make sure that your impact on the land around you is as small as possible. Many people think of a successful camping trip as one which is good for them. But it is also successful if it is good for the earth.

Keep soap suds and human waste out of water sources. Leave behind no trash or trace of your campsite. Be sure not to interfere with any animal life and be sensitive to plant life as well. If everyone adopted this outdoor ethic our nations parks and forests would be in a lot better shape.

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Being prepared is the most important aspect to having a successful camping trip. That is the Boy Scout motto and one of the best pieces of advice you will ever hear.

Before I go into the woods I make a list of what to bring on a camping trip. I make sure I have everything on the list and I pack it all carefully. I take all the essentials but also lots of things I might need just in case like nylon rope or an emergency blanket.

Planning for the unknown is the best way to make sure that you have fun and stay safe when you are camping.

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That question really depends on who you ask. Some people will tell you it's the tent. Other people will tell you it is your boots. Others will say it is the friends, or the stars. But I am going to go our on a limb and say that it is the food.

No matter what kind of camping you are doing, car camping or long distance backpacking, everyone loves to eat when they are camping. You are usually being active and get hungry. It is fun to sit around the fire and and watch the food cook when you have no other visual entertainment. And finally, and most importantly, campfire food tastes delicious. No matter what you make, it is almost always better over an open fire. Food is crucial for having a good camping trip

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