What Are the Best Tips for a School Fundraiser?

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The most important tips for school fundraisers are to make good use of all the available resources, and to look for opportunities that provide the biggest return on the necessary investment of time and money. If a school fundraiser requires a lot of money to get started, or a lot of hard work from the parents and guardians of the students, then it may not be the best choice. In addition to traditional fundraising methods, such as rummage sales, raffles, and selling items like candles and wrapping paper, there are also less time intensive ways to raise money. One option is to set up an affiliate account with a popular online retailer, which can allow parents and other supporters to help raise funds for the school with regular purchases throughout the year.

School fundraisers are events and activities that are designed to raise money to pay for a variety of different programs. Fundraisers can be aimed specifically at raising money for sports or arts programs, to pay for school trips, or even to fund the purchase of basic equipment and materials. Many schools need to hold fundraisers to fill gaps in their budgets, so it can be very important for these events to be successful. In order to hold a successful school fundraiser, there are a number of different tips to keep in mind.


Each school has a limited amount of resources to work with when holding fundraisers. The most important resource comes in the form of the parents and guardians of students who attend the school. Without help from these individuals, it can be difficult or impossible to carry out a school fundraiser. By keeping a list of the special skills, interests, and expertise of each parent or guardian, a school or parent teacher association (PTA) will be able to contact the best suited individuals for each job.

It is also important to get the highest return on investment for both the time and any any money spent on a school fundraiser. These activities can take a lot of effort on the part of parents and guardians, so asking them to work on a lot of fundraisers throughout the year can lead to burnout and a general lack of interest. It is typically a better idea to identify a few highly profitable fundraising ideas and stick with those.

In addition to traditional fundraisers, like raffles and rummage sales, there are also a number of other ways to go about raising funds for a school. Applying for grants is one option to look into, especially if there is a child in the school who has a parent, guardian, or other relative with extensive knowledge of grant writing. Another type of school fundraiser that can be carried out with a very small investment of time is to set up an affiliate site. Many large online retailers allow these types of accounts and sites to be set up, which can allow people to support the school directly each time they make a purchase from that store.



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