What are the Best Thigh Toning Exercises?

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There are a number of exercises that can be performed to tone the thighs, some of which target the thighs and others that simply rely on the muscles in the thighs. The exercises that rely on the muscles in the thighs include swimming, walking, kickboxing, and hiking. These exercises certainly work other muscles in the body, but can also be counted as great thigh toning exercises. Inline skating is also a great sport for toning the thighs. Some people consider these sorts of thigh toning exercises to be the best because they are often more enjoyable than simply working the thighs in the gym or at home, while others prefer to perform those exercises that directly target the thighs.

Of the targeted thigh toning exercises, many trainers agree that squatting exercises are the most effective. In order to perform a squat, stand up straight in front of a sturdy chair. Face away from the chair. In a controlled motion, begin to sit down, but stop when the buttocks are just a few inches away from the seat of the chair. Feel free to hold the arms in front of the body in order to maintain balance.


Simply performing this exercise — which can easily be performed during the work day — 10 to 15 times a day can help to tone the thighs. A variation of this exercise is the wall squat. In order to perform a wall squat, place the back firmly against a sturdy wall and then slide down the wall until the body is in a seated position. Hold the position for 10 or more seconds.

There are a number of thigh toning exercises that rely on the use of ankle weights. Most of these are floor exercises. In one such targeted thigh exercise, one lays down on the floor on the left side of the body, with the right hand pressed firmly on the floor in front of the body for support, and with the body in a straight line. The right leg is then lifted smoothly straight up into the air towards the ceiling and then smoothly returned to a resting position. This can be repeated 10 to 15 times before switching legs.

A modification of this exercise instructs one to first bend the leg that is being exercised so that the toe is pointing inward towards the knee and then extending the entire leg so that the toe points toward the ceiling. These thigh toning exercises can be done with or without ankle weights. The weights provide more resistance, which can help to create more dramatic results.



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