What are the Best Stomach Toning Exercises?

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Stomach toning exercises are often used by people to define the abdominal muscles and lose belly fat. There are a variety of stomach toning exercises that can be performed to help define and tone the stomach area. Some of the best exercises include medicine ball sit-ups, crunches, and torso twists.

One of the top stomach toning exercises is the medicine ball sit-up. This exercise is done by lying on the back with the feet flat on the floor. A person holds the medicine ball close to the stomach and then throws it to a partner while performing a sit-up. The partner then throws the medicine ball back to the person on the floor and the exercise is repeated.

Generally, one stomach toning exercise that has worked well for people is the basic crunch. To perform a crunch, the person begins by lying flat on the floor with the hands behind the head. The person then raises the upper body slightly off the floor and slowly lowers it back down to complete the crunch. Crunches are usually performed in repetitions of at least 10 crunches per repetition. The person doing the exercise then typically takes a short break before continuing with more repetitions.


The torso twist is another exercise that can help to tone the stomach. To perform this exercise, the person lies with his or her back flat on the floor with the knees bent. With the hands positioned by the head, the person slowly lifts the shoulders. The stomach should tighten at this point and the person doing the exercise should twist the upper body to the right while bringing the right knee up to the chest. He or she should then lower the right leg and the torso and begin the process again by lifting the shoulders and twisting the torso to the left. The exercise can be repeated for several minutes until the stomach muscles begin to ache or burn.

Safety generally is important when performing stomach toning exercises. People with back problems typically should consult their doctor before beginning any exercise routine. The doctor may approve the routine but want to add some modifications that will make the exercises easier on the spine. A doctor also may ask the patient to perform the exercises on a mat or a cushion to prevent further back injury.



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