What are the Best Sources of Trademark Help?

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One of the best sources of trademark help is typically the government agency or office that handles trademarks in a country. In the US, for example, this is the US Patent and Trademark Office, and information can be gained by contacting the office directly or through its website. The Intellectual Property Office handles trademark issues and assistance for citizens of the UK, as well as patents, copyrights, and similar forms of protection. Lawyers who specialize in intellectual property and trademark law can also be an excellent source of trademark help, especially for anyone who needs assistance in dealing with trademark infringement or other legal matters.

A trademark is a form of intellectual property ownership used with regard to business and organizational identifiers. This extends both to goods and services, and can be used for the name or logo of a company, as well as specific identifiers and names for products or services offered by that company. Trademark help can typically be found through the government agency or office that handles trademark registration. A great deal of trademark help can be received from these agencies free of charge, and the websites for such agencies are also frequently quite helpful.


The US Patent and Trademark Office, for example, provides a number of useful services that offer trademark help to those in need. Trademarks can be registered online using the office’s website. The site also offers a utility that allows users to search for trademarks that have already been registered. Similarly, the website of the Intellectual Property Office in the UK provides online functions that allow users to register a trademark online, read through frequently asked questions, and even provides quizzes and games to help people learn about trademark law. Both offices have physical locations and telephone numbers so that those who need further trademark help can talk directly to a qualified agent.

Lawyers who specialize in intellectual property law, such as trademarks and copyrights, can also be an excellent source of trademark help. Such lawyers typically have a great deal of experience working with trademarks and understand the specific laws that deal with trademark registration and protection. While the services of a lawyer are not legally required for filing a trademark for registration, one can certainly help in filling out the necessary paperwork. A lawyer can also provide trademark help for those looking to bring legal action against another company or individual for trademark infringement or violation.



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