What are the Best Sources of Pregnancy Support?

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Most of the best sources of pregnancy support are free and available to everyone. They typically offer information on everything from the earliest symptoms of pregnancy to what is normal during the late pregnancy stages. Some of the most helpful resources to check out for pregnancy support include websites with articles on all the stages of pregnancy, forums that invite anyone to post, print publications, and friends and loved ones.

There are plenty of websites on the Internet that provide articles explaining everything from how to get pregnant to what to expect during labor and delivery. Curious readers can browse such sites to get a list of early pregnancy symptoms, information on possible complications, and little-known tips to stay healthy. Aside from informative articles, many pregnancy sites also offer interactive options that encourage involvement from readers, such as polls, quizzes, and a chance to comment on articles. Some websites that offer pregnancy support also feature due date calculators, weight gain trackers, and other tools.

Many mothers-to-be like to talk about pregnancy with other women who understand this stage in life, and this is typically easy to do online. There are various forums that women post on to get information and share their experiences with others. Pregnancy after miscarriage, common symptoms of pregnancy, and complications are all frequently discussed on such forums. They are usually free to join, and offer the ability to get pregnancy support from women around the world.


Despite the popularity of the Internet, print publications are still considered quite useful for most. There are thousands of books about pregnancy, some of which offer an overall breakdown of what to expect, while others focus on a particular aspect of pregnancy. Either way, pregnancy books are often considered timeless, though some do get updated frequently in order to offer recent information when necessary. On the other hand, some women prefer to read magazines about this subject, as a subscription allows them to get new information delivered to their mailbox often.

Though information from professional publications and mothers around the world can be appealing, many pregnant women still use other people in their life as a source of pregnancy support. They might ask their female relatives and friends what to expect from pregnancy, as they can get little-known details that are not often discussed in books. Of course, many are encouraged to use their doctors or midwives for pregnancy support and knowledge since they are typically considered trustworthy and can offer expert answers.



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