What are the Best Sources of Miscarriage Help?

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The best sources of miscarriage help are those that meet the emotional and physical needs of the parents. When the miscarriage is occurring, the place to seek help is with medical professionals. After the physical process has been completed, a doctor may still be needed for follow up help. When dealing with the emotional effects of the spontaneous abortion, there are a number of different appropriate options, including therapy, support groups, books, and simple reflective thought. A miscarriage is a process, and help may be needed at each stage of the process.

Miscarriage help during the actual process may not be needed, but a mother should seek medical attention if she is alone, scared, or in serious pain. Losing a lot of blood can cause fainting or shock, and so it is important not to drive. Calling a doctor or hospital may be the best source of miscarriage help, but merely having someone around to help with the pain and blood may be sufficient.

Once the event has occurred, a doctor should be consulted for analysis of the fetus. A doctor will also make sure there are no complications with the mother. Most doctors are able to recommend sources for miscarriage help to distraught parents and may be able to offer prescriptions to help ease any physical or emotional pain.


Depression after miscarriage can be devastating for both parents, and seeking guidance through emotional problems is one of the most important steps to overcoming this kind of trauma. Making contact with other parents who have experienced similar events can be a great source of help. Some people find comfort from talking with a psychiatric professional about grieving and fear. These resources are available for both partners, who may both be suffering emotional distress from the loss of the fetus.

There are many books about miscarriage that can help a grieving parent get through the experience. Some are inspirational, others are factual, but all offer strategies for overcoming the trauma of miscarriage. Often, reading these books together and talking about the literature can provide some relief to both parents.

It's also important to lean on personal experience with coping and pain. Everyone develops personal skills and strategies for dealing with difficult emotions, and using those skills can help deal with events like these. In the end, time itself may be the best source of miscarriage help. With time, the mind can sort out even a devastating event like miscarriage.



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