What are the Best Sources of Menopause Support?

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Many women find that the best sources of menopause support are information and community. During menopause, women can experience a number of troubling physical, emotional, and psychological problems including mood swings, depression, anxiety, hot flashes, irritability, insomnia, and body pains. One of the best ways to begin to cope with this problems is to understand them and get a handle on why they are happening. Once a woman has the information that she needs, she can seek out a group for menopause support so that she can discuss what she has been experiencing, get advice, and benefit from being a part of an understanding community.

It is quite common for a woman going through menopause to be the only woman in her household going through the proverbial change of life. Some women are even the only person in their extended families going through menopause. As such, it is sometimes necessary to look for menopause support outside of one's family. There are a number of types of menopause support groups that offer different kinds of access to support. There are support group meetings that women can attend in order to find menopause support. There are also online menopause support groups.


While meeting in person to get support is often a very beneficial experience, an online menopause support group is usually a good source for both community and information, which, are frequently the best sources of menopause support. In addition to offering a virtual space where women can chat, discuss their experiences, and get advice, an online menopause support group is also usually a treasure trove of information that comes in the form of links to other useful websites and articles. Also, as part of an online support group, a menopausal woman can get advice on treatments, recommendations for doctors, and advice on which books and texts have been of the greatest use to women who are in the same stage of life.

Another very important part of menopause support is medicine. A woman going through menopause should stay in regular communication with her doctor to discuss symptoms, treatments, and lifestyle changes that can help to assuage that troubles associate with menopause. Although groups are useful for advice on all topics related to menopause, one's doctor is the best source for information about one's specific menopause issues and how they related to one's overall health and wellness.



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@raynbow- There are several places that you can contact in your area to find a menopause support group for your mother. Most areas, especially those that are close to larger cities, offer these beneficial groups to help women cope.

Your first step should be talking to your family doctor, or encouraging your mother to ask her doctor about this type of support group. Doctors usually know what types of support groups are available in a community, especially when the groups deal with health issues.

Another good source to look for support groups in your area is your local hospital. Quite often, hospital staff members are involved with arranging and conducting support groups that deal with various health problems.

If you do not find a menopause support group with the help of your doctor or your local hospital, another good place to look is at your community's health department. These organizations often offer services like support groups that focus on women's issues.

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Does anyone know where I might be able to find a menopause support group in my community? I'm looking for one for my mother who is having a hard time adjusting to this changing time of her life. Like the article points out, she is the only person in her house and family that is going through "the change," and she often feels like no one understand her. I think she would benefit from meeting with other women who are having the same problems that she is experiencing.

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