What are the Best Sources of Hepatitis C Support?

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The best sources of hepatitis C support include support groups and Internet communities intended for those living with hepatitis C. Doctors and mental health counselors may prove supportive as well by helping a patient stay healthy and cope with the effects of his illness. Family members and friends may also provide support by encouraging a patient to protect his health and stay upbeat. Friends and family may also provide hepatitis C support by listening as a patient expresses his thoughts and troubles.

One of the best sources of hepatitis C support may be a support group intended for people who are dealing with this chronic condition. A person with hepatitis C may benefit from sharing his experiences and challenges with other people living with the same condition. He may also benefit from listening to the experiences and challenges of others. Support group members may share tips for living with the disease, staying healthy, and coping with the emotional effects of the disease as well. If a patient is unable to find a local hepatitis C support group, however, he may choose to start one in his area.


An Internet community may also prove an important source of hepatitis support. An individual dealing with hepatitis C may find an online community that is dedicated to people who are living with the disease. Often, these online communities post articles filled with information important for hepatitis C patients. These websites frequently include message boards through which hepatitis C patients can ask questions and share information and experiences as well. Such online communities may even sponsor chats through which community members can talk via the Internet in real-time.

A hepatitis C patient may also benefit from the support of medical and mental heath professionals. For example, a medical professional may not only provide a hepatitis C patient with medical care, but also information about staying healthy and referrals to support groups and mental health professionals. A mental health professional, on the other hand, may listen to the patient’s experiences and troubles and help him develop ways of coping with the emotional effects of the illness. Additionally, some mental health professionals may either run support groups or refer patients to them.

Often, family members and friends are also among the most valuable sources of hepatitis C support. Loved ones may help a hepatitis C patient by listening to his thoughts and fears and providing a shoulder to cry on as necessary. Loved ones may also provide support by encouraging the patient to eat well, exercise, and avoid substances, such as alcohol, that may worsen his condition. Additionally, family members and friends of a hepatitis patient may support him by including him in fun activities and helping him stay upbeat.



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