What Are the Best Sources of Help with Punctuation?

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There are many sources to which a person may turn when he is in need of help with punctuation. He might, for example, find a writing classes helpful for improving not only his punctuation but also other aspects of his writing ability. An individual may also seek the help of a tutor who can give him one-on-one help and feedback. He can also work on his punctuation independently by reading grammar and punctuation guides that are available in print and online. Additionally, some word processing programs have features that identify common punctuation mistakes and give users the opportunity to correct them.

One of the best sources of punctuation help is a composition course. Through this type of course, an individual can build on his knowledge of the proper use of punctuation as well as a range of other concepts important in clear written communication. An individual may find such a course at a local community college, and some non-credit organizations may also offer them. A person does not have to travel to a campus to take this type of course, however, as they are often offered online as well.


Sometimes one-on-one help with punctuation is more effective. In such a case, a person may seek the help of a tutor. A tutor can not only provide instruction that covers the ins and outs of punctuation, but also exercises designed to allow the student to apply what he has learned. Then, the tutor can provide helpful feedback to assist the student with further building his punctuation skills.

In some cases, an individual may feel more comfortable working to improve his punctuation skills independently. For example, he could obtain and review a grammar and punctuation guide, applying what he reads to his writing going forward. Likewise, there are many online resources a person may use to get help with punctuation. For example, some websites may provide information about common punctuation mistakes and details about how to avoid them. Some may also offer free exercises and quizzes so that an individual can test his increasing knowledge.

An individual can even get help with punctuation from a word processing program. Some programs can identify possible punctuation mistakes, which allows the user to double-check them and correct any he agrees are incorrect. While the user may still wish to use other methods to improve his punctuation, this feature can help him to ensure that his current written work is as free of errors as possible.



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