What are the Best Sources of Endometriosis Support?

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A diagnosis of endometriosis can be difficult to deal with, but fortunately there are various sources of support available. Having somewhere to go for advice and up-to-date information should provide some relief for anyone suffering from this condition. Endometriosis support can be found online, within publications, and among medical professionals.

One of the first places many people go for current information and advice is the Internet, and not surprisingly, it is one of the best sources of endometriosis support. There are plenty of websites that feature articles written by medical professionals, meant to inform readers about this condition. Both people diagnosed with it and those curious about how to help loved ones who have it, may appreciate having all the facts at their disposal. Additionally, Internet forums can be a great source of endometriosis support, as they usually allow people to post questions and answers about the condition in one place. Some sufferers of endometriosis may peruse the site occasionally to find answers to their questions, while others may use it as a daily endometriosis support group since they can talk to others with the same condition everyday.


Books are still considered a great place to go to get answers to questions, allowing those who are undergoing endometriosis treatment to be fully informed about their condition. Many people appreciate having all the facts at their fingertips, especially when it comes to health issues. For those always looking for the most current knowledge on the subject, magazines may be a great place to turn for endometriosis support and education since they are frequently distributed, resulting in updated information. There may not be many magazines about endometriosis to choose from, but there are publications pertaining to fertility and the female body in general that typically mention issues related to this condition.

Most women who have been diagnosed with endometriosis are under a doctor's care. Some see a gynecologist, as many have studied endometriosis in-depth, and can offer help and education. Other women prefer to see a doctor who specializes in medical conditions like this one, usually called reproductive endocrinologists or fertility specialists. Either way, a doctor in this field is one of the best places to go to ask questions and get accurate answers, especially since each patient is different and often needs specific advice. Those in the medical field can also usually offer other types of endometriosis support, such as referrals to local support groups, reading materials, or classes on the subject.



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