What Are the Best Pedicure Tips?

A home pedicure can be an excellent way to pamper your feet without spending too much money. Before you begin the pedicure, you should gather all necessary tools and materials, like a pumice stone and nail polish. Rough patches of skin on your feet can be removed using a pumice stone. After trimming and filing your toenails, you can moisturize your feet and polish your toenails.

One of the most common pedicure tips is to try a home pedicure. Although a professional pedicure is a nice treat, it can be expensive. If you are looking to save some money, pampering your feet at home may be the answer.

Experts usually recommend starting with clean feet before doing a pedicure. Washing them with soap and hot water should be sufficient. One of the best pedicure tips is to gather everything that you need before starting. Some of the things that you may need include bath salts, a pumice stone, toenail clippers, nail files, and moisturizer. If you plan on polishing your toenails, you will also need nail polish.

Soaking your feet in warm water will usually be the first step of your manicure. Experts offer a few different pedicure tips for this step. First, you can soak your feet in a bathtub or large bowl, but a foot bath may feel more luxurious.


Adding bath salts or Epsom salts to the water is also advised, since they can help soften calluses. Scented bath salts or a scented oil added to the water can also add a relaxing scent to the air. Olive oil, which is very moisturizing, can also be added to the water. You should soak your feet for around 15 minutes. Afterward, you can rinse them with cool water and pat them dry with a clean towel.

Experts also offer a couple pedicure tips for dealing with calluses. Shaving or cutting calluses off is not usually recommended, since you may cut your foot and possibly get an infection. Instead, you can use a pumice stone specifically designed to slough off calluses. Rub the stone on any rough spots on your feet, especially your heels. Be careful not to rub too hard, however, since calluses offer a certain amount of protection for your feet.

Trimming and filing your toenails are also usually pedicure tips offered by experts. Trim nail straight across, and just to the end of your toe to avoid ingrown toenails. You can then file away any jagged edges with a nail file. A thick moisturizing cream should also be used on your feet.

To avoid staining your nails and to ensure long lasting color, you should first apply a base coat to your toenails before adding colored polish. Many professionals use toe separators when polishing toenails. These devices are typically made from a soft foam, and they prevent the toes from rubbing on each other and smearing the polish. After the colored polish dries, apply a clear top coat, which can help make the polish last even longer.



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