What are the Best Organic Gardening Tips?

One way to achieve desirable results in a garden is to use organic gardening methods. Interest in organic gardening tips has grown with an increased awareness of how various chemicals affect plants, animals and humans. Keeping weeds managed, keeping pests away and watering properly are a few organic gardening tips to explore that might result in a fruitful harvest.

Managing weeds is one key aspect of maintaining a garden and is one of many organic gardening tips. Weeds might keep nutrients from reaching the desired plants and could carry pests that will infest a garden. It might take slightly more physical work to keep weeds out of a garden by employing organic gardening tips, but this action could result in a flourishing garden. Pulling weeds by hand, mulching and hoeing are all good ways to remove them from a garden. If additional products are desired to help maintain the weed population, items such as clove oil herbicide and compost might be used.


In addition to keeping weeds out of a garden, controlling the pest population is another important step in maintaining a good garden. As with weeds, using natural ways to prevent pest infestation is essential to organic gardening. Prevention is the first line of defense when it comes to pests. Maintain healthy plants; place woven fabric meant to keep predators out and water, light and nutrients in; and keep natural pest predators around to keep predators away. If this still does not solve the problem, a solution might be to use insecticidal soap, horticulture oil or pepper sprays.

Another aspect important to maintaining a healthy garden is to water properly. Keeping a garden hydrated is essential, but the garden does not need to be saturated for the plants to grow properly. Watering in the early morning or the evening might ensure that water stays in the garden and does not evaporate. An easy way to determine whether a garden needs water is to place an index finger two knuckles deep into the dirt and check for dryness; if it is damp, water is not needed. Investing in a soaker hose or a drip irrigation system is another efficient way to water a garden.

These are just several organic gardening tips. The purpose of organic gardening is to use items that are not harmful to plants, animals or humans. Smart gardening practices and careful planning might help ensure a bountiful garden that is free from potentially harmful chemicals.



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