What are the Best Methods of Reducing Eye Strain?

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Reducing eye strain is generally not that difficult, though sometimes it may require a person to visit a doctor. As a general rule, removing the source of eye strain is the best way to deal with it. In most situations, a person can lessen their eye strain by changing their habits to avoid overworking the eyes. Sometimes people may have to pay special attention to the lighting in areas where they watch television, use computers, or read. When those solutions don’t work, a change in eyeglass prescription or special medicines can sometimes be helpful.

Usually, reducing eye strain is simply a matter of avoiding the activities that are causing the problem. Many people can deal with eye strain by spending less time at a computer or using more light while reading books so their eyes don’t have as much trouble focusing. Sometimes people can take breaks that allow their eyes to rest periodically during a work period as a way of reducing eye strain.

In other cases, there may be too much light, or too much contrast between what a person is seeing and the surrounding background. In general, extreme light situations tend to put more strain on an individual’s eyes. Sometimes people can change their positioning so lights don’t hit screens directly, or reposition lamps so the light is focused in a different direction as a way of reducing the problem.


There are special prescription glasses that help people deal with reducing eye strain, and those prescriptions may vary depending on the cause of an individual’s problem. It is also true that an out-of-date eye prescription can cause a person to have more difficulty focusing, and this can also lead to eye strain. For this reason, sometimes simply getting a new prescription is enough to deal with someone’s eye strain problems.

For people who still suffer with eye strain symptoms after trying the most common solutions, they may be forced to treat the symptoms. For example, if a person has dry eyes, he may use eye-drops to keep them moist. Similarly, if someone has a headache from eye strain, he may decide to deal with the headache directly by using pain medication.

People often suffer from eye strain when they spend too much time using computers. Many people don’t react well to the light coming from computer monitors, and the fact that people sit very close to their computer screens sometimes makes the problem worse. For this reason, eye strain has gradually become a more common issue, as computers have become more prevalent in society.



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