What Are the Best Mascara Tips?

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One of the best mascara tips is to compare mascara preferences to the characteristics of each product option. The mascara's formula is a big factor, as is choosing a product color that complements the color of the skin, hair, and eyes of the person using it. To avoid a flaky mess, apply mascara before putting makeup on the rest of the face. Certain other application techniques, including wiggling the wand and keeping eyes half open while the makeup dries, are some ways to get the best results. To keep the mascara fresh and eyes safe, it's necessary to toss the product after a few months.

Before making a purchase, first consider packaging and product preferences and weigh them against the characteristics of each available mascara. Every person has a certain set of personal preferences when it comes to choosing the ideal mascara. Some may want a longer wand while others might have to use a thick handle because of the inability to properly grip thin items due to hand problems. They may seem like minor details, but they can play a big part in the ease of applying the product as well as the final look of the makeup.


Considering the formula of the mascara is one of the best mascara tips for choosing a product that provides maximum results. There's a non-clumping mascara that, combined with the shape of the wand, prevents the makeup from lumping together during application. Thickening mascara makes lashes appear fuller while lengthening mascara makes lashes appear longer. Waterproof mascaras prevent the makeup from running whether the person is crying, sweating or swimming. Those who have eye sensitivity should choose a mascara that states on the packaging that it's specifically made for those with sensitive eyes.

The basic mascara colors are black and brown, but there is a variety of other colors as well. Testing out both basic colors is one of the best mascara tips when it comes to evaluating which product complements the person's eye, hair, and skin color. Black is best for those who are looking for a more dramatic look while brown creates a softer look. Those who want to add a bright pop of color to their eyes without using liner or eyeshadow can use one of the other color options including green, blue or pink.

Mascara can sometimes get a bit flaky; one of the best mascara tips is to put it on before applying makeup anywhere other than the eyes. The little pieces might create tiny dark smudges where there shouldn't be any — use a damp cotton swab to remove any flakes. Let the skin dry thoroughly before applying additional makeup.

Many of the best mascara tips have to do with the application process. Those who need a little extra curl to their lashes should use an eyelash curler before applying mascara; use it after and there's a chance of yanking out lashes or causing clumps. While applying, place the wand at the base of the lashes and lightly wiggle it back and forth while moving it up until it reaches the ends. To prevent the makeup from getting on the skin, leave the eyes half open until the mascara dries.

Mascara is not a product that lasts a long time — three months max before it has to get tossed and even sooner if it dries out, smells funny, or was used around the time of an eye problem such as pink eye. Using mascara past its prime can cause eye irritation and infections. On a less serious note, it can also get dry and goopy and severely clump the lashes together. Some may find it too expensive to replace so often, but the best way to save money is to look for a coupon and use it when the mascara is on sale within the three-month window rather than waiting until its time to toss it.



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