What are the Best Kinds of Decor for Kids?

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The best kinds of decor for kids depends largely on the age of the child, as well as what his or her interests are. The decor might also change if there are two children sharing a room, especially if they are of different ages. For instance, a parent might decorate a nursery in a different manner than an older child's room, once he or she develops his own interests and talents that he might want to show off. In general, the best decor for kids is bright and colorful. Kids like to feel that their rooms reflect their own personalities.

A room for an infant is the only example in which bright and colorful decor might not be the best choice. In this case, soft, muted colors are often chosen to make the room feel warm and peaceful. Nature images are popular, such as trees, birds, or baby animals. Some parents choose gender neutral colors such as greens or yellows, while others will decorate the room in shades of blue for a boy or pink for a girl. Specific themes such as sports, trucks, or princesses may also be used, but these tend to be more popular for older children than in nurseries.


When selecting decor for kids, it is generally a good idea to choose decor that can grow with the child so the room does not need to be completely re-done every few years as interests change. In addition, allowing the child to make some of the decisions regarding decor can be helpful and make him or her feel involved. For instance, an older child might enjoy selecting things like curtains, bedding, or decorative pillows, while the parents can still make choices regarding paint colors or furniture. Framed items for the walls are easy to switch out and change as the child gets older as well, and are some of the best choices for decor for kids rather than allowing the child to tape or thumb-tack posters to the walls.

Brightly colored items, such as neon-colored curtains or pillows, can be a good choice for decor for kids. Children with specific interests, such as playing a particular sport or participating in an activity such as music or theater, might also want to choose decor that matches their interests. Shelving or bookcases can be used for awards or trophies, and can serve both a functional and decorative purpose. Younger children may enjoy rooms decorated with favorite cartoon characters or animals. When two children are sharing a room, it is important that both children have some input on what the room looks like so no one feels left out.



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