What are the Best Kinds of Arthritis Therapy?

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There are many different types of arthritis therapy. Arthritis treatment typically involves maintaining as much range of motion in the affected joints as possible while increasing the strength of the muscles in the surrounding area. The added muscular strength helps to support the joint.

There are many drugs available to treat arthritis pain. While these drugs can be very effective, they should not be the only type of arthritis therapy used. Physical and occupational therapy can greatly improve the quality of life of people suffering from arthritis pain.

A physical therapist can be one of the most important people involved in arthritis therapy. One of the problems with arthritis is that the affected joints become stiff and painful to move. The patient is reluctant to move the joint, which leads to an increase in stiffness. A physical therapist teaches the patient how to work the joint to reduce stiffness without doing additional damage to the joint.

An occupational therapist’s work in arthritis therapy is to improve the everyday quality of life for the patient. An occupational therapist will show the patient how to conduct day to day activities in a way that reduces the stress on affected joints. They can also help modify your home so that everyday duties are easier to perform.


Many occupational therapists can help you find assistive devices that are helpful with everyday activities. These include items to help you dress, open jars and reach things from shelves or off of the floor. Assistive devices can greatly improve the quality of life of arthritis sufferers.

Other forms of arthritis therapy are often overlooked in favor of drug therapy, but can be very effective. While most people who suffer from arthritis need pain control in some form or another, by engaging in alternative therapies you may find that you can take less medication or live with less pain. Rest is one of the keys to reducing arthritis pain. If your arthritis is in multiple joints of the body, lying in bed several times a day can greatly reduce pain and inflammation in the joints. If arthritis affects only one joint, you may find a splint that supports that joint provides significant relief.

Another important consideration for effective arthritis therapy is your weight. Added weight increases the strain on all of the joints of your body, including those affected by arthritis. Weight loss can be especially difficult for people suffering from arthritis because exercise is a challenge. If you are overweight, work with your physician or physical therapist to develop a weight loss plan that will work for you.



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