What Are the Best Hairstyles for a Heart Face Shape?

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When selecting the best hairstyles for a heart face shape, it is preferable to consider the type of hair an individual has, as well as the amount of daily styling and regular maintenance that is desired. In general, the best hairstyles for a heart face shape are those that are narrow at the top of the head, where the forehead is widest, and have a bit more length and volume to balance out a narrow chin. A heart-shaped face is very versatile, however, and can look good with many different styles.

A heart-shaped face is typically characterized by a fairly wide forehead with a pointed, V-shaped hairline, giving the face shape its name. People with this face shape typically also have fairly narrow cheeks and a narrow jawline with a pointed chin. Often, a heart shaped face is a bit longer and narrower than other face shapes, giving it a more oval appearance as well. All of this means that hairstyles for a heart face shape should complement these features, which is true for nearly all hairstyles. The goal is typically to highlight the shape of the face without matching the hairstyle directly to it.


For instance, because heart-shaped faces typically have a wider forehead, most people do not want a hairstyle that adds a great deal of volume around the crown and sides of the head, as this will just make the forehead look even bigger. Bangs are a common choice for hairstyles for a heart face shape. Blunt-cut bangs can be difficult to maintain, since many people with this hairline can't part their hair right in the middle; however, side-swept bangs are very versatile, easier to maintain, and help to balance a larger forehead quite well.

In general, the best hairstyles for a heart face shape help to balance the forehead while adding a bit of volume around the narrow chin. Layered cuts, with longer layers that fall slightly below the chin, are often a great choice. The rest of the hair can be left long, but these layered cuts will also help to prevent dragging a long face down and making it look even longer. Wavy or curly hair can also look great with this face shape and help to balance the narrow chin. To take it to the other extreme, some people find that a pixie cut or a cut that is cropped very close to the head really allows the facial features to pop, and make the heart shape of the face even more noticeable.



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