What are the Best Easter Games?

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Easter is a wonderful time to plan lots of games for kids. Especially if people are planning to let kids enjoy candy, there is very good reason to keep kids involved and happy so the sugar buzz doesn’t ruin the occasion. Some of the best Easter games are definitely fun to play and can add fun to any celebration of the holidays.

Of course, the first thing that tends to come to mind as one of the best Easter games is the egg hunt. There’s nothing like hunting for decorated eggs, Easter baskets, and plastic eggs with money in them or various other treats. When planning these hunts, give some thought to age of kids involved, and try to view the “hiding” area as a leveled place. Hide some eggs for taller kids, and some for the smaller kids so each child has a chance to find a few eggs.

Sometimes the Easter egg hunt feels unfair. While one child finds most of the eggs, others don’t get any. Parents can easily make this fair by giving each child an egg color. Child A is only able to collect blue eggs, and Child B must find the pink ones. Hide an even amount of each color (easy to find in plastic eggs), so that each kid gets a balanced amount.


Kids may also enjoy doing some decorating of eggs on Easter. Sometimes adults will hide plastic eggs that have stickers inside of them. Once the kids find them, they can decorate them, and perhaps fill them with a few treats to take home.

When the Easter egg hunt is done, another of best Easter games is the egg roll or egg race. This game is so popular it’s been a vital part of Easter celebrations at the American White House, since 1878, though Dolly Madison, who used the front of Capitol Hill as the perfect venue, may have been the First Lady to introduce the game to first family celebrations. With long spoons, children can race their egg a set distance. This game is perfect if there’s a big lawn to use. Winners might get a candy prize, and if people are worried about the smell of hard-boiled eggs that meet with misfortune, they can use wooden eggs instead.

Though pin the tail on the bunny is simple, it can still be one of the best Easter games to play. Blindfolded players are each given either a paper tail or a cotton ball with glue on it that they stick on a large bunny drawing. The person who gets closest to the real tail is declared the winner.

For those who don't have time to do a lot of planning, one of the best Easter games is the bunny hop. This can be an impromptu “conga line” of sorts, to the “Bunny Hop” song, and doesn’t require much, beyond having the music ready and some willing participants. Young and old may enjoy a bit of bunny hopping on the Easter holiday.



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