What Are the Best Cures for Smelly Feet?

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Excessive sweating can lead to stinky feet, which can be a potentially embarrassing situation for many people. There are, however, several cures for smelly feet. Washing feet and applying certain powders can help. The right shoes and socks can also help prevent smelly feet. Additionally, since some foods can exacerbate foot odor, they should be avoided.

One of the most common cures for smelly feet is good hygiene. Washing one's feet can help eliminate sweat and bacteria that can cause excessive foot odor. When washing the feet, a person should pay particular attention to the space between the toes.

For mild cases of stinky feet, washing once a day should suffice. Individuals with more severe cases of stinky feet may need to wash their feet a few times per day. A person should be careful how many times he washes his feet, though. If they begin to get too dry or scaly, they should be washed less often.

Several powders can be applied as cures for smelly feet. These powders can be either sprinkled on the foot, or in the sock or shoe. Over-the-counter foot powders are considered to be the most popular. These often contain aluminum chloride hexahydrate. More natural foot powders include baking soda, corn starch, and talcum powder. If powders don't work, some individuals may be able to rub certain antiperspirants on their feet to stop excessive sweating.


Choosing the right shoes can also help prevent foot odor. Breathable materials, such as canvas, or leather, are considered the best for shoes. These are very breathable fabrics, and keep sweat from setting on the skin. Plastic and rubber are considered two of the worst materials for shoes. These can trap excess moisture, resulting in smelly feet.

When possible, individuals should try to wear no shoes at all. This will allow a person's feet to breathe. If shoes are a must, they should only be worn when necessary. Also, shoes should not be worn two days in a row. Instead, individuals in search of cures for smelly feet should let their shoes air out for at least a day.

Socks are another important consideration for people who are looking for cures for smelly feet. Choosing the right socks, however, may take a little experimenting. Some people may find socks made from natural fibers, like wool or cotton, are best for keeping smelly feet at bay. Others may find socks made from synthetic fibers are best. Whichever socks a person chooses, they should be washed everyday.

Some foods can also make foot odor worse. Garlic and onions are considered two of the worst. Because of this, individuals with severe foot odor should avoid these foods in excessive amounts.



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