What are the Best Cures for Hiccups?

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While hiccups are not a dangerous or painful condition, most individuals suffering from them would do anything to be cured. Though it is one of the simplest cures for hiccups, holding one's breath appears to be highly effective. Other common cures for hiccups includes drinking large amounts of water, eating small portions of food, and engaging in exercise. Finding the best remedy for hiccups is quite individualized, and often those suffering from the condition must try a number of different remedies before finding a cure.

One of the most effective forms of cures for hiccups is simply through holding one's breath. For best results with this method, individuals who are suffering from hiccups are encouraged to take a breath that is as large as possible. The patient in question is usually instructed to hold his or her breath for as long as possible, and then slowly release the breath from the lungs little by little. Individuals who are currently experiencing hiccups can repeat this procedure as many times as necessary in order to completely eradicate the condition. Those who have attempted this technique several times and are still experiencing hiccups should focus on taking large, deep breaths in order to achieve more beneficial results.


Another of the effective cures for hiccups is through the consumption of large amounts of fluids. Those who are suffering from hiccups are typically encouraged to drink a large glass of water in a short period of time, though sipping it slowly through a straw has also proven to be effective for some. If drinking large amounts of water does not provide relief, the person may want to consider placing a small amount of sugar or salt in the liquid. Though researchers have not been able to determine exactly why this addition proves effective, it has, in fact, been found to be highly successful in the treatment of hiccups.

In some cases, consuming a mouthful of vinegar has provided relief for those suffering from hiccups, though the effectiveness of this method varies. Other types of treatment that have provided benefits for some includes eating small amounts of food, exercising, and engaging in other, similar types of activities. It is important to note that hiccup treatments vary substantial from patient to patient, and in most cases, it is up to the person affected to determine which type of treatment works best.



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Post 2

@SarahSon - That is interesting about drinking the water to get rid of hiccups. I have always wondered what actually causes hiccups. I always feel so bad when babies get them and you don't know how to help them.

What has worked for me in the past is trying to hold my breath for as long as I can. I take a deep breath and hold it for as long as possible. It does not work every time, but seems to most of the time if I can hold my breath long enough.

Post 1

Hiccups can be so annoying! It seems like they come at the worst possible times.

I have tried several different ways to stop my hiccups, but what usually works every time is drinking water.

I fill a glass full of water, tip my head back as far as I can (I think that is key), and begin taking as many sips of water as I can. I might have to do this a couple of times, but for some reason it always works and the hiccups are gone.

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