What Are the Best Complexion Tips?

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It may seem boring or obvious, but some of the best complexion tips have nothing to do with expensive lotions or procedures but rather with simple dos and don'ts that you can easily commit to and afford. These tips include making changes to your diet, lifestyle, and basic beauty regimen. Many people who follow these complexion tips enjoy smooth, clear, and even complexions no matter what their skin types and colors.

One of the best and most basic ways to help improve your complexion is through eating a properly balanced diet. Eating lots of fiber — in fruit, raw vegetables, and whole grains — is essential, as well as foods rich in omega 3, antioxidants such as vitamins A and C, and minerals including zinc and iron. These foods, which help to improve the immune system, also increase cell production, fight free radicals, and help increase oxygenation in the blood, all of which boost your complexion. Some examples of foods to add to your diet include salmon and other fatty fish, natural oils such as avocado and olive, and vegetables with rich, bright colors, especially oranges and greens.


Your lifestyle also has a huge impact on your complexion. Again, the complexion tips that you have been told for years really do help you to achieve the best skin. Stay out of the sun. If you do go out in the sun, make sure that you use a good-quality sunscreen and wear a wide-brimmed hat to help prevent sun damage. Get lots of sleep, and reduce your stress.

Decrease the amount of alcohol and coffee you consume because these dehydrate your skin, and drink lots of water. Excess alcohol can also lead to broken capillaries on your face, which are extremely difficult to get rid of. Eat salty and processed food in moderation. Make sure that you get regular amounts of exercise, approximately 30 minutes per day. This boosts your circulation and also helps the body to better flush out toxins, both of which help improve your complexion.

When it comes to your skin care routine, again, the most simple complexion tips are the best. Whether you wear makeup during the day or not, always wash your face with a cleanser, not a soap, and apply a single moisturizer designed for your type of skin before you go to bed. Make sure as well to wash your pillowcase often because oil and dirt can build up in the fibers, which can be damaging to your complexion over time. If you do develop spots, do not pick at them as this leads to scarring and hyperpigmentation that is very difficult to reduce. Exfoliate gently but regularly.

Some of the best complexion tips in terms of wearing makeup are to wear the most basic amount of makeup that you need. Makeup can irritate and dry out skin and clog pores, all of which can make your complexion look tired. Take at least one day off a week from wearing makeup in order to let your skin breathe. Rather than wear foundation, try to use a tinted moisturizer, which is much easier on the skin. Finally, if your complexion is shiny, try to use blotting papers to remove excess oil rather than powder as this can make your complexion dull and undo all your hard work.



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