What are the Best Chin Exercises?

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Many people look for exercises that can lessen or eliminate the appearance of loose neck skin and double chins. The best chin exercises are ones that firm the sides and the front of the neck, from the chest to the jaw line. Most chin exercises can be done while sitting or standing, but typically should only be done by those who don't have a history of neck problems.

Chin exercises generally work on two areas. The first stretches the front part of the chin, neck and throat. The second typically stretches the sides of the neck. Stretching and toning these areas can help reduce neck pain, headaches and double chins, for instance.

One exercise to stretch the front of the neck and throat area is called a frontal aspect chin exercise. To begin, place your lower lip over your upper lip an keep it there for the duration of the exercise to create tension in your chin muscles. Then, slowly inhale through your nose while raising your chin until you're looking directly upwards. Hold the position for a couple of seconds until you feel the muscles stretch in the front of the neck. While exhaling, slowly lower your head to its original position; this is one repetition. Beginners usually do four repetitions, once a day. Those who are more experienced typically do anywhere from 10 to 15 repetitions, two to three times a day.


Another exercise called the side aspect chin exercise focuses on the sides of the necks and throat. To begin, place your bottom lip over the top and hold it there through the exercise. Then, slowly inhale through your nose and slowly turn your head until you're looking over your shoulder. While in that position, lower your head until your chin touches your shoulder. Hold for a couple of seconds, making sure keep your shoulders relaxed. Then, raise your head to its starting position and repeat the exercise looking over the other shoulder. Beginners generally do three to four stretches on each shoulder, gradually building up to 10 to 15 stretches up to three times per day.

In order to prevent pain or injury, any chin exercises should be done gently. Also, posture is very important. Make sure to keep your back straight and your head faced forward and level at the start of each exercise; don't arch your back or unnaturally tilt your head back. Gently is key—you should not feel discomfort, other than mild stretching, while performing these exercises.



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