What are the Best Bodybuilding Techniques?

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Bodybuilding has become a popular sport over the last few decades. This sport requires dedication and focus on exercise and diet. The bodybuilder is an individual dedicated to creating the perfect isometric body. He does this by designing a specialized exercise program based on his body type and performance goals. The best bodybuilding techniques are a hybrid of high-intensity weight lifting programs mixed with effective mass growth stimulus exercises. These include both isolation and compound weight lifting exercises with effective cardio training.

The human body is a complex organism that adapts quickly to the environment. One of the best bodybuilding techniques is to use an exercise routine based on a six-week interval cycle. This practice is known as muscle confusion. The body will learn to adapt to a workout program in about six weeks, at which time the weightlifter will hit a plateau. Changing a program on a six-week interval will reduce this plateau effect.

Creating bodybuilding techniques with a mixture of slow reps and fast high-intensity training is another excellent program. Super-slow reps are typically performed with a lower weight. Each repetition should last approximately ten seconds. The super-slow routine puts the muscles under stress for a longer duration. This causes more muscle fibers to burn during the workout routine.


High-intensity training is a weightlifting program designed for speed and power. This type of training is typically done with a comfortable weight that can be pushed in an explosive manner. The bodybuilder will focus on fast repetitions with full extension. The key to high-intensity training is only having the weight extended at a rest position for the shortest time possible.

The split workout routine is on of the better bodybuilding techniques available today. This program splits the body into quadrants based on specific days of the week. Each body part will be exercised at least one day each week. The split routine can be divided between three to five days with a minimum of two full rest days per week.

Many bodybuilders prefer the push-pull bodybuilding techniques. This program attempts to break up the exercise routine into pushing exercises and pulling exercises. A push-pull routine typically works the upper body muscles that are used to push weight on one workout day with the next day reserved for pulling exercises. With this routine, the lower body is trained on a separate day, which allows the back and chest to be trained on the same day.



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