What are the Best Birthday Ideas for Boys?

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The most important step for developing birthday ideas for boys is to know and understand what that particular boy's interests are and how to take advantage of those interests without breaking the bank. Depending on the boy's age, some of the best birthday ideas for him will focus on allowing he and his friends to burn off some energy, so active birthday ideas for boys are usually quite popular. This may include a trip to the park, renting some fun equipment like a climbing wall, or taking the party to a skating rink. Think about things that will attract the attention of all party attendees before planning.

Some kids are simply content to be in the company of other kids, and the fun will make itself when several boys get together. Other birthday ideas for boys may focus on providing structured activities that revolve around a specific theme. Pirate parties, for example, may be fun for groups of boys in the backyard, especially if that backyard includes a pool. Decorations can be simple, and the birthday cake can be made with a pirate theme in mind. Providing some inexpensive plastic swords and setting up a treasure hunt will provide the boys with plenty of activities to keep them interested.


Research local attractions and find out which ones offer discounted rates for groups and birthday parties. These attractions will vary significantly by region, and it is important to choose carefully when considering taking a birthday party to a specific location. Some locations may seem like great birthday ideas for boys until the party arrives and the children are running around wildly. Be sure to scout out the location ahead of time and find out if that particular attraction offers enough structured activities and plenty of places where the party can assemble without encountering other crowds of people who may be disturbed by the party.

Remember that the best birthday ideas for boys are not the ones that appeal most to the parents, but instead the ones that appeal most to the boy and his friends. Ask the birthday boy what he or she would be interested in doing for his or her birthday and design the party from there. Some boys will have specific ideas of what would be fun, and the party planning will be much easier. Some boys will have no clue what they would like to do, which leaves the planning slate clean for the parents. In either case, be sure to consider the budget for the party and the ideas that will specifically interest the birthday boy and his friends.



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I have a book of birthday ideas for boys. It has suggestions for themes, games, decorations, food, songs to play or sing. A lot of the idea can apply to girls parties too but girls are less enthusiastic about building forts or shooting blow guns.

I have used the book to throw my son several successful birthday parties. Him and his friends are always entertained and we spend a lot less money than we would if we took them all to the movies or the batting cages.

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One of my favorite boys birthday party ideas is to take them fishing or camping. In general boys love this kind of stuff and a lot of them do not get many opportunities to do it, especially if they live in the city.

Plus, it is a nice alternative to having a bunch of kids running around your backyard all crazy on sugar and pizza and screaming without end. A camping trip might be better for both parent and son.

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Every boy will be different but it is a safe bet that they are in to whatever super hero or action cartoon figure is most popular at the time. Or they might be crazy into sports. I once had a Michael Jordan party when I was a kid.

The best thing to do is probably just to ask what kind of party they would like to have. Maybe they want a theme party, maybe they just want to go go carting with their friends. It is their birthday and you should make some concessions to give them what they want.

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