What are the Benefits of Swimming Workouts?

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Swimming workouts are beneficial primarily because they provide a cardiovascular workout with all-over body toning at the same time. It also is very beneficial for those looking for a workout that places little to no strain on the joints. For these reasons, swimming can be a good general fitness plan for all ages, even senior citizens.

The resistance from the water provides much of the muscle toning benefits from swimming workouts. Among the muscle groups that benefit are those in the upper back, chest, arms, shoulders, abdomen, lower back, groin, legs and hips. The trunk area gets its workout from the slight twisting motion required to propel a swimmer through the water.

When done properly, swimming workouts can burn a lot of calories and lead to weight loss. It really is all in the technique, and some swimming strokes can be difficult to perform. A good swimming workout arguably requires more skill than walking or running.

A certain balance is required to get the most from a swimming workout. Some swimmers lack good technique and quickly become tired. Other swimmers are so skilled that they do not expend enough calories. Skilled swimmers need to make their workouts longer and harder if they want to continue losing weight.


Although injuries such as swimmer’s shoulder can occur in swimming, the chance of injury is much less than other sports. This mainly is because the water supports the body, and there is there is not as much wear and tear on the joints as there is in running and other sports. For the same reason, swimming workouts can be used while recovering from other sports injuries.

With its potential to raise the heart rate, swimming also is a good cardiovascular workout. Generally, raising the heart rate and sustaining it for at least 20 minutes is needed to get a good aerobic workout. Anyone who wants to engage in a swimming workout should check the target heart rates for his or her age and work within that range.

Swimming workouts also offer overall health benefits. About 30 to 60 minutes of exercise at least three days per week is needed. A regular workout regimen can help reduce certain health risks or diseases, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke and heart disease.

Some benefits of swimming workouts go beyond the physical. Swimming can lead to new friendships through swim clubs or workout groups. Additionally, swimming can help with self-discipline, time management and a sense of accomplishment that comes with setting and achieving goals.

Swimming also is an activity that requires only a small monetary investment. Expensive workout shoes and a closet full of brand name workout clothes are not required. A swimsuit is really all that is needed. Goggles, fins and other accessories are optional. If access to a pool cannot be found for free, the biggest cost might be membership in a facility with a pool, such as a professional gym.

As with any fitness program it is best to set realistic yet challenging goals. Someone starting a swimming workout regimen should allow time to build up endurance and strength. It also is best for one to check with a doctor before starting a swimming regimen.



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