What Are the Benefits of Naturopathy for Arthritis?

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The use of naturopathy for arthritis treatment is intended to provide relief from the symptoms and eliminate the root cause of the condition. Naturopathy is a holistic treatment using techniques including massage and dietary changes in an attempt to cure the inflammation within the joints of the body that causes pain and worsening loss of mobility. Doctors using naturopathy attempt to eliminate the need for medications to be used in the treatment of arthritis.

Naturopathy for arthritis treatments often revolves around the advice given to patients by naturopathic doctors to provide relief from their symptoms. A study is completed by the doctor on the daily activities of the patient to design a specific treatment plan that takes the place of pain-killing medications provided by traditional medical professionals. The holistic medicine of naturopathy tries to balance the mind, body, and spirit of the human body because imbalance within the body leads to increased symptoms of arthritis. Successful naturopathic treatment of arthritis results in the reduction and eventual inflammation of the tissues and muscles surrounding a joint.


Individual naturopathy for arthritis treatments include the use of massage with ingredients designed to reduce the symptoms of arthritis. Massage oil created from mustard, olive oil, and sesame can benefit an arthritis patient because of the anti-inflammatory properties of the ingredients. Daily massage on the affected area can provide relief from pain and inflammation. Using the oil while massaging the hands and feet stimulates the organs of the body to work more effectively and promotes increased balance within the body.

Benefits can be found from the use of naturopathy for arthritis treatments including acupuncture that promotes the flow of energy through the body and stimulates blood flow to reduce inflammation in the body. Combining a number of naturopathy for arthritis treatments allows the patient to reduce the inflammation surrounding affected joints leading to increased mobility and the elimination of pain. Benefits can also be found from the use of exercise and hydrotherapy for patients with arthritis.

Constipation is an imbalance in the body that is a frequent issue occurring in individuals over the age of 50, those most likely to have developed arthritis as well. An important aspect of naturopathy is the elimination of constipation, which stops the human body from removing contaminants absorbed into the body in foods and drinks. Consuming raw fruits and vegetables avoids problems with constipation and provides benefits by also removing the contaminants of medications prescribed by traditional doctors.



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