What Are the Benefits of Local Television Advertising?

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Small and large businesses alike can benefit from a television advertising campaign. Small businesses serving a particular geographic area may benefit more from local television advertising. Reaching a large, targeted audience is one of the biggest benefits of local add campaigns. Local television advertising also provides multi-sensory stimulus, which often seems more interesting and credible to many potential customers.

One of the biggest benefits of any type of television advertising is the ability to reach an astonishing number of people at one time. Watching television has become a major source of entertainment, information, and relaxation for the majority of the population. Almost every household watches television at some point, and each watcher could become a potential customer.

Local television advertising has an even bigger benefit. This type of television advertising can help target consumers in a particular geographic region. This targeted marketing can help local consumers learn about products and services that they may not have known about before seeing a local television advertisement.

Advertisements on television are typically appealing to many potential consumers. Local television advertising can provide visual and auditory stimulation that is superior to other types of local advertising, such as newspapers. Ads on television can be entertaining as well as provide information about a particular local business.


Businesses are able to demonstrate how a product works, while still entertaining a potential consumer. Many consumers may even enjoy humorous, or otherwise entertaining, television advertisements. This works as a sort of subliminal message, in that the consumer relates a particularly enjoyable advertisement with a positive experience. They are then more likely to visit that particular business.

Many local television advertising departments may also offer free or low-cost advertisement consultation and creation. This can be helpful for a couple of reasons. First of all, these departments are typically very experienced in creating several types of television advertisements. They are also aware of the demographics of a particular area, and they know what appeals to the local population, in regards to local marketing techniques.

Subconsciously, many consumers may link television advertising with credibility. Being on television has, for a long time, been linked with importance and prestige. A potential customer who has watched a local television advertising campaign may believe that since the time and money was spent on local television advertising, a particular company or local business is most likely reputable or credible.

Although there are a number of advantages for local television advertising, there are some disadvantages as well. One of the biggest drawbacks of television advertising, for example, is the cost. Television ads can be very pricey, especially if the ads are going to run during prime spots, such as in between news segments or popular shows.



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