What Are the Benefits of Italian Olive Oils?

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Italian olive oils have many health benefits, including lowering the risks of developing heart disease. Some studies have suggested that the risks of developing some forms of cancer may also be lowered by adding Italian olive oils to the diet. Olive oil has been shown to have natural anti-inflammatory properties, and it is also thought to promote bone health as well as healthy brain function. Italian olive oils are particularly well known for helping to ensure optimal digestive health.

The cardiovascular benefits of Italian olive oils are immense. Extra virgin olive oil is the oil of choice for protecting the blood vessels, promoting optimal blood flow, and lowering the harmful types of cholesterol in the bloodstream. It is important to note that consistently poor dietary habits can contradict the health benefits of adding olive oil to the diet.

The anti-inflammatory properties of Italian olive oils may be beneficial for preventing or treating a variety of inflammatory medical conditions. Surprisingly, as little as a tablespoon or two per day may provide these important benefits. That basically means that one salad per day with a healthy dressing that contains olive oil could help to prevent generalized inflammation and promote overall well-being.


The regular addition of Italian olive oils may help to promote bone health and improve brain function. While human studies are ongoing, the blood levels of calcium in test animals suggest better calcium absorption in those who regularly consume olive oil. This may be of particular significance for post-menopausal women as well as those who have had the ovaries surgically removed. Several scientific studies also suggest that olive oil consumption may help to improve cognitive abilities and support the nervous system. Research also indicates potential cancer-fighting benefits of Italian olive oils.

One of the most popular benefits of consuming Italian olive oils on a regular basis is the improvement of the digestive process. The lower portion of the digestive tract seems to respond the best to the addition of these oils to the diet. It is widely believed that these oils are responsible for helping to maintain the balance of healthy bacteria in the digestive tract by assisting in the removal of harmful bacteria. Those who consume olive oil on a regular basis also have a lower risk of conditions such as obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes, making this oil a healthy as well as tasty contributor to any healthy eating plan.



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