What are the Benefits of Hypnotism for Weight Loss?

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Studies have shown that using hypnotism for weight loss can have many benefits for patients who have not been able to control their appetite and avoid fatty foods on their own. The process involves getting patients into such a relaxed state of mind that their subconscious can be used to suggest healthier lifestyle choices. This not only helps patients resist tempting foods that may hinder weight loss, but it allows them to fully relax and de-stress. Both of these can have tremendous health benefits.

Hypnotism for weight loss has been used for many years, and some patients report substantial difference sin their eating habits. Therapists who provide this treatment say that it does not use mind control, but instead, suggestive reasoning with the patient while he or she is in a relaxed state. This allows the subconscious mind to pick up on messages and implement them when the patient reawakened fully. While this is going on, the patient is fully aware of what is going on around him or her.


Commonly called hypnotherapy, hypnotism for weight loss has been shown to encourage healthier eating habits and exercise in patients, and sway them from making bad food choices. This eventually leads to weight loss, which can make a huge impact on one’s health. Those who are obese are at risk for a wide variety of health problems, including cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. By losing even a small portion of weight, these individuals will cut down on these risks exponentially.

Since stress also puts patients at risk for many of the same health conditions as obesity, using hypnotism for weight loss is positive because it allows patients to fully relax and de-stress. Some hypnotism experts teach certain methods for patients to use at home so that they can use them for relaxation purposes any time. Relaxation is also useful for weight loss itself, because many people who are overweight become so due to emotional eating during times of stress and anxiety. Learning new ways to deal with these feelings may cut down on overeating, even if the hypnotism itself doesn’t work.

There are debates on how helpful hypnotism is for weight loss, but it can give patients a helping hand at weight loss, even if not in the way intended. Teaching individuals how to properly relax and giving them suggestions on how to think about food and exercise may allow them to rethink their perspectives on food. This can lead to great self-awareness about why they are eating, and by thinking more about this, overeating often becomes less likely.



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