What are the Benefits of Cod Liver Oil?

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There are many benefits to using cod liver oil as a supplement. It is said to be healthy for the joints and the heart as well as a range of other body tissues, including those of the brain and the eyes. Some research shows that cod liver oil may even be capable of preventing ear infections in children and reducing the symptoms of a skin condition called psoriasis, which is marked by reddened, scaly, inflamed skin.

Cod liver oil is a supplement created from the liver of the cod fish. The oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which are known to offer a range of health benefits, as well as vitamin A and D, both of which are crucial for the maintenance of good health. There are other types of fish oils, but cod liver oil extraction methods differ from those usually used for other fish. With other types of fish, the oil is typically extracted from the whole fish while a manufacturer is creating fish meal. Cod liver oil, on the other hand, is extracted by cooking cod livers and then pressing them to yield oil.

One of the benefits of cod liver oil is its ability to provide a measure of relief to arthritis sufferers. Cod liver oil may also help to relieve symptoms of osteoarthritis. In fact, some studies show that it may even prove helpful for slowing the condition’s progression. This can be an important benefit for older adults, as arthritis is common as people age. It may prove to be an important benefit for people of all ages, however, as even children have the potential to develop arthritic conditions.

A person with rheumatoid arthritis may also experience benefits from cod liver oil. The omega-3 fatty acids in this type of fish oil may help reduce the inflammation and pain associated with this autoimmune disorder. It may even help lessen the fatigue many rheumatoid arthritis patients experience.

One of the most important benefits of cod liver oil may be its effect on the heart. People who supplement with cod liver oil may have a reduced risk of developing heart disease or having a heart attack. This type of fish oil may also lower a type of fat, called triglycerides, that are found in a person’s bloodstream and often associated with high cholesterol levels. Cod liver oil may even help a person’s heart maintain a stable, healthy rhythm.

Middle ear health may also be among the health benefits of cod liver oil. Some researchers believe a deficiency in omega–3 fatty acids and vitamin A may play a role in middle ear infections that affect children. As such, consuming cod liver oil may help prevent these infections. Additionally, cod liver oil has been associated with reduced inflammation in those with psoriasis.


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