What are the Benefits of Cloth Diapers?

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Cloth diapers were once the only option parents had for diapering their babies until the disposable diaper hit the market. At that point, cloth diapers became a choice instead of a necessity. Upon the advent of disposable diapers, most people elected to use them over cloth diapers for their convenience. Now cloth diapers have come full circle and for many, the benefits of cloth diapers far outweigh the convenience of disposable.

Cloth diapers offer have many benefits to parents. They are often more economical than disposable diapers, even when you factor in the cost of laundering or using a diaper service. Cloth diapers are not necessarily less convenient than disposable diapers. If you read the manufacturer’s directions on some disposable diapers, you will see that they actually recommend flushing waste before you dispose of the diaper. If you followed this practice, you would not be saving any more time using one over the other.

Another benefit of cloth diapers is your baby’s health. Cloth diapers reduce the frequency and severity of diaper rash. Furthermore, cloth diapers contain none of the chemicals used in disposable diapers. Some experts also believe that the use of disposable diapers increases a male’s risk of infertility later in life.


In addition to saving money and being safe to use, cloth diapers are also good for the environment. Disposable diapers take up a lot of room in landfills and both the chemicals in them and the waste are eventually absorbed into the earth and water supply. As reusing products is the best option for the environment, cloth diapers are ideal.

Many parents shy away from cloth diapers because they automatically think of bulky diapers, safety pins, and ugly plastic pants. However, cloth diapers are available in a variety of styles, some very fashionable, and there are different types to fit different needs. They are also soft and comfortable.

If you choose cloth diapers, you can buy the diapers and launder them yourself or you can contract with a diaper service for additional convenience. Ultimately, the choice to use cloth diapers belongs to the baby's parents, but it is a choice worth investigating because of the potential to save money and help the environment, while improving your baby’s health and comfort.



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I would recommend cloth diapers for a number of reasons. They are better for the babies bottom, and there is no waste involved. We seem to be environmentally conscious, but are we willing to do our part.

There are some occasions when disposable diapers are more practical, especially when traveling, but for the most part, cloth diapers should be just fine.

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