What Are the Benefits of Acupressure for Sinuses?

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Many people cup, press, or massage the area of a sinus headache without realizing they are actually using a form of massage called acupressure. A traditional form of Chinese bodywork, acupressure is based on the theory that channels deliver the body's vital energy, or ch'i, to the entire body. If one of these channels is blocked, it causes problems, including pain. The often unconscious act of pressing the site of a headache can actually be a form of acupressure for sinuses, a treatment that can relieve sinus pressure, congestion and pain.

Throughout these passageways of energy there are distinct spots, called acupoints, which, when pressed, can alleviate blockages that may be affecting the natural flow of ch’i. Knowing these points and applying direct pressure, or acupressure, can help restore the body’s internal balance, or homeostasis. Using these techniques in specific areas can have a direct effect in reversing poor energy flow and stopping a variety of symptoms.

The sinuses, when infected, can become blocked with mucous and inflammation, or swelling. This can impede breathing and cause pain in the face and head. Acupressure for sinuses can relieve pain-causing pressure and restore unrestricted breathing.


When applying acupressure for sinuses, it is important to understand the pathways. On instinct, people apply pressure to the bridge of the nose. However, for successful unblocking of the sinuses, direct pressure methods must be applied along the bones above and below the eye socket. Acupoints for the sinuses also run from the top of the nose and up through the forehead and into the center of the top of the head. Applying acupressure to all the points of the sinuses can alleviate pressure buildup more successfully than just pressing the bridge of the nose.

The advantage to using acupressure for sinuses is it negates the need for utilizing over-the-counter medications to relieve common sinus pressure, pain and congestion. Head pain due to sinus congestion, for example, may be lessened or alleviated by applying direct pressure to the webbing between the thumb and index finger without having to pop a pill. Knowing the acupoints and applying pressure to all those associated with the sinuses can offer better relief than working on just the location of discomfort.

The disadvantage of utilizing acupressure for sinuses is that the effects are typically temporary in nature. Pressure to acupoints may need to be performed frequently to keep the symptoms at bay. When demonstrating a sinus infection, antibiotics may be necessary to completely rid the body of infection.



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