What Are the Benefits of Acupressure for Depression?

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While it is important for those with depression to make sure they talk to a doctor about how their disease should be managed, there are a number of benefits that can be derived from including acupressure in their treatment plan. Using acupressure for depression can provide a safe, natural, effective alternative to drugs, particularly for mild cases. Applying pressure to certain key points on the body can even be performed by patients themselves, and there are many useful guides available online to help them do so. Whether performed by a trained practitioner or the patient, acupressure can be more precisely tailored to the person’s specific needs than medication, as pressure on different points can help address different issues associated with the condition.

For those seeking an alternative to simply taking medication, using acupressure for depression may be a good option. Applying pressure to certain key points on the body can help balance the body’s energy, stimulate circulation, and promote overall well-being. It can also address certain issues specific to patients with depression, including anxiety, low energy, and insomnia. The practice is non-invasive and is generally considered safe to use on any patient.


One of the best aspects of using acupressure for depression is that it can be performed at home by basically anyone. Patients can even find and apply pressure to the appropriate points themselves. There are numerous websites available describing how to find the correct points and what issues pressure on them should address; they may even provide diagrams that show the points on the body. There are numerous useful acupressure points for depression all over the body, including on the head, chest, and shins.

Another reason that acupressure for depression can be beneficial is that treatment can be designed to specifically target the individual patient’s problems. Depression can have a wide range of symptoms and cause many secondary issues. In addition to feelings of sadness and distress, patients may experience stress or anxiety due to their condition, feel tired, lethargic, and unmotivated, or have problems sleeping. While certain drugs and other medical treatments may be used to treat depression in general, acupressure can be performed to target these individual problems more precisely. For this reason, patients may wish to consult with someone trained in acupressure when first trying it to ensure the best possible course of treatment, rather than just relying on home self-treatment alone.



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