What Are the Applications of Technical Writing in Business?

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Just about all businesses have some need for technical writers who can create documents for a variety of applications. Technical writing in business can include writing instructional materials, warranty information, business correspondence, and even marketing and advertising materials. The types of technical writing in business will vary depending on the type of business for which a writer works, though in just about all cases, the writer will be responsible for synthesizing complex information and presenting that same information in a more digestible format; otherwise, he or she may write complex legal documents meant to help the business operate within legal limits.

Technical writing in business can cover just about any aspect of written communication created by that company. A technical writer will generally have a college education in writing, and he or she should be able to process complex information about that business's practices, products, or interests. In some cases, technical writing in business is written in order to present complex information more simply to a broad audience; in other cases, the writing can be highly specialized to cater to experts within a specific field. This means the technical writer will often need at least a basic understanding of the concepts being written about.


Sometimes technical writing in business is more focused on a specific goal. A writer may, for example, help develop an advertising campaign intended to reach a specific audience; he or she may also write an advertising campaign intended for a specific type of media, such as television, radio, or print. In legal settings, the technical writer will often create documents that follow legal guidelines or present information in such a way that law professionals can understand and use the documents. Medical writing similarly uses medical terminology to ensure medical professionals can get as much usable information from the documents as possible.

Other applications exist for technical writing in business, and the writing can change significantly by industry. Sometimes the writer will work in a freelance capacity, tackling various types of jobs as they arise. He or she may, for example, help a job candidate develop a resume and cover letter; these documents outline that job candidate's strengths, background, education, and experience in a clear and concise manner. Business correspondence is another application of technical writing in business. The writer may draft letters or documents to be sent out to other businesses or to that business's customers.



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