What are the Advantages of Work from Home Careers?

Work from home careers have a number of advantages, chief among them flexibility. People who work from home are able to set their own schedules and complete their work as needed without needing to punch a clock from 9 to 5 every day. In addition, some work from home careers offer additional benefits beyond flexibility; these might include lower expenses because one does not need a professional wardrobe or to drive back and forth to work every day, or the ability to forgo childcare outside of the home because there is a parent there to take care of the child.

Perhaps the greatest advantage of work from home careers is the way they allow individuals to set their own schedules. Depending on the nature of the work, some people are able to work at any hour of the day or night. Of course, this is not always possible if one needs to be in contact with other people who are also working, but it still allows a great deal of freedom. In addition, if one needs to take a day off of work or simply a few hours to go to a doctor's appointment, for example, there is usually no need to check with a boss; it is typically just possible to rearrange one's schedule for the day or week and take the time off.


The benefits of work from home careers can differ if one is self employed or is employed by a company. In general, becoming self employed and maintaining that takes more effort and work than if one is employed on a payroll; for instance, self employed people will need to withhold their own taxes, balance their own company budgets, and often buy their own health insurance, just to name a few. For many people, however, the ability to be one's own boss far outweighs any downsides that come from money management.

Overhead costs are often lower for work at home careers; some people are able to deduct expenses from their taxes for use of a home office, office supplies purchased throughout the year, or even utilities in some cases. In addition, work from home careers often allow an individual to save money on his or her transportation costs, whether he owns a car or takes public transit, and also allows working in whatever clothes he happens to be wearing without requiring the purchase of expensive attire. In addition, childcare may not be required, but some people find it impossible to get any work done if they are also caring for their children at the same time.



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