What are the Advantages of Solar Power?

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There are a number of advantages of solar power which can be considered when weighing energy generation options. These advantages range from access to government rebate programs which provide incentives for installing solar cells to silent operation, which can be an immense aesthetic advantage. The technology behind solar power is also constantly improving and advancing, which means that additional advantages are always emerging. Information about the most recent solar technology and new advantages of solar power can often be obtained from the government or through environmental organizations.

One of the biggest advantages of solar power is that it is renewable, since it takes advantage of an endless supply of energy in the form of the sun. It is also non-polluting during the generation phrase, although the production of solar cells and infrastructure can generate some pollution. Once installed, however, these cells do not pollute, and they are free to use. In fact, in regions where people can feed excess power back into the electrical grid, having solar panels can actually generate money.


Solar power is also very easy to implement, and immensely flexible. It can be used for something simple, like powering an electric fence, or something much more complex, like supplying the power needs of a building or industrial complex. In rural areas, one of the big advantages of solar power is that it does not require infrastructure, meaning that rural electrification can advance without the need for installing power poles, generation stations, power lines, and other infrastructure.

Once installed, solar cells do not usually require a great deal of maintenance, and they can last for a long time. This is a definite advantage over methods of energy generation which require consistent monitoring. In regions where noise is a factor, the silent operation of solar panels is another of the advantages of solar power. For businesses, using solar power can also be touted as an example of environmental responsibility and commitment to ethical business practices.

Using solar power can also save money. With building-integrated photovoltaics, for example, people can literally use solar cells as building materials, integrating a method of energy production right into a structure. The government may also provide a tax rebate or offset to people who install solar panels, and the power company may also encourage people to install solar power by paying for extra power generated by such panels, or providing free consultations for people who are thinking about converting to solar power.



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