What are the Advantages of Glass Foot Files?

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Foot files are beauty aids designed to be used on the feet, to remove calluses and smooth out rough spots. Numerous materials are used to make foot files, including glass. There are numerous advantages to glass foot files which are not shared with foot files made from other materials, leading both individuals and salons to seek out glass foot files for foot care. Many beauty supply companies carry glass foot files along with a range of products to care for the feet.

Filing your feet on a regular basis will help keep them smooth and evenly textured. Regular filing can also reduce foot odor, since it removes dead skin to leave healthy new skin behind. Most people file their feet to remove calluses, which form to protect otherwise delicate skin from the elements. In general, foot files are shaped like a paddle, with an edge to hold on to and an abrasive pad to scrape dead skin away from the feet. Glass foot files use a rough textured surface, and usually are two sided, with a finer grain on one side for finishing.

In addition to being used on the soles of the feet, many glass foot files can also be used to file nails. This makes them extremely useful multifunction tools, especially for traveling, when most people want to reduce the amount of supplies they carry. Glass foot files also come with a lifetime guarantee against wear, as regular use should not wear away the grain of the file. They are also extremely durable and strong, and come in a range of grains for feet of all types.

One of the primary advantages of glass foot files is that they are very easy to sterilize. Glass is not porous, so it will not absorb contaminants. Glass foot files are also made in a solid piece, so there are no cracks, joins, or holes for things to sink into. A glass foot file can be quickly washed with soap and hot water, but it can also be boiled, autoclaved, or soaked in disinfectant. For spas, this is a vital advantage, since clients need freshly cleaned tools for hygiene reasons. For home use, it ensures that the foot file stays fresh and clean.

To use a foot file effectively, start by brushing your feet with a dry brush to remove surface dead skin. Next, soak them in a warming bath, which will also relax you. When the skin is softened, dry the foot and file gently, starting from the heel and moving with a gentle up and down motion. Make sure to file along the sides of the foot, and the edges of the big toe.


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