What are Sunscreen Wipes?

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Sunscreen wipes are towelettes that contain sunscreen; they are rubbed on the skin to protect from sun damage. They often contain the same type of protection and benefits as lotion sunblock, such as having various levels of SPF as well as being sweat-proof and moisturizing. Since they are in towelette form, it won't leave a mess if the container opens. They also transport easily due to typically small packaging.

Sunscreen wipes are a good option for those with children who don't like to sit still for more than two seconds. Instead of having to open the bottle, squirt the sunblock then rub it all over the child's skin while the child tries to run away, the user can take out the towelette and use that instead. The application process can be much less of a hassle.

Just like their lotion counterparts, sunscreen wipes come in a variety of protection levels. The wipes usually offer broad spectrum protection, which means that they protect against UVB and UVA rays. There are even towelettes specifically made for babies and small children. Often, they are sweat-proof and waterproof, which means extra protection for the user. Before purchasing, check to make sure the wipes are dermatologist-tested and that they are hypoallergenic, especially if the user has sensitive skin.


One of the benefits of sunscreen wipes is that they won't break open and cause a mess all over other items in a bag like some lotions might. They may also leave less mess on the hands after the application process. Considering how small they are, they allow for protection wherever and whenever it is needed without having to carry a bulky sunblock bottle. Many come individually wrapped, so one towelette can fit in the pocket of shorts or a shirt without being noticeable.

Typically, one of the sunscreen wipes can wipe over the entire body. During the application process, it is possible to miss spots, so go over every area of the skin carefully, even twice, to make sure every area is completely covered and protected from sunburn. It is vital to take extra caution when applying to the face.

They are also beneficial for someone who is not a fan of applying or carrying around sunblock in lotion form. Sunscreen wipes are convenient to carry around any time of the year, however, during the summer months when a person typically wears minimal clothing and may try to carry around as little as possible, the towelettes are small enough to not be cumbersome. Prices range depending on the brand of the product in addition to the number of towelettes that come in a package.



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