What are Sterolins?

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Sterolins are compounds that are found in plants that can be extracted and used in the creation of dextrose. These types of glucosides play an important role in the proper absorption of plant fats, and the use of those fats to help keep the immune system strong and functional. Because of the fat managing properties of sterolins, they are sometimes extracted and used in supplemental form to help deal with conditions such as high cholesterol. The supplements are also used as anti-inflammatory treatments for people with several chronic conditions.

In nature, sterolins are joined to plant sterols, and aid in the proper digestion and processing of plant fats. Essentially, the sterolins help the body to extract nutrients from the plants and discard excess cholesterol through the usual means of breaking down the cholesterol and expelling it along with the non-cholesterol components of the sterols. As a result, the body gets the nutrition it needs to help maintain proper organ function and keep the immune system strong.

In recent years, supplements made from natural sterolin have appeared in health food stores and gained attention from practitioners in several different forms of alternative medicine. Reasons for this growing interest in supplemental sterolins include the cholesterol-lowering properties of the compound. When used in conjunction with exercise and a balanced diet, these supplements can help lower bad cholesterol in the bloodstream without having any type of negative impact on good cholesterol levels.


Another reason for the interest in supplemental sterolins is the fact that they seem to provide a measure of relief from inflammation. For people who suffer from conditions such as joint problems, arthritis, and other debilitating health problems that cause tissues and joints to swell, the use of these supplements can sometimes ease the swelling. Sterolins also help to minimize the pain of the inflammation, which in turn increases the chances for individuals to move about with greater ease.

Today, sterolins are found in many alternative food markets, health food stores, vitamin shops, and other retailers that carry various types of nutritional supplements. The compound is sometimes sold as a stand-alone supplement, but is also included in some formulas that include several different ingredients that have a reputation for helping with swelling, inflammation, and lowering bad cholesterol levels. While sometimes expensive, many people who take these supplements report that they make a huge difference in the quality of life.

While sterolins are naturally occurring compounds, there is some chance of negative interactions with some prescription medications. This is particularly true when the compound is taken in the form of supplements. Before using the compound to treat any type of ongoing health issue, talk with your doctor about the possibility of any type of interactions with medicines you are already using to treat your condition.



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