What are Some Ways to Cope with the Loss of a Pet?

Anyone who has ever experienced the loss of a pet knows what a difficult time it can be. It is not unusual for a person to feel as though he has lost a member of his family, as the pain and grief can be quite strong. While it may feel like the ache is incredibly intense, there are ways to cope with the loss of a pet and get closer to the point where it does not hurt so much anymore. Some of the ways people can cope with this loss include holding a memorial service, talking to others who have suffered losses, creating a memory box, and allowing themselves time to grieve.

Memorial services are usually though of as just for humans; however, people may want to consider having one for his deceased pet. It gives the owner an opportunity to speak of fond memories, show pictures, and discuss how much the pet meant. The owner may want to invite loved ones or have it private with no one else present. It may give the owner some peace to know that he went out of his way to do something special and honor the memory of his pet.

Talking to others who have experienced the same pain can help an owner cope with the loss of a pet. He may want to speak with his loved ones and let them know how he are feeling. In addition, there are online and in-person support groups that can let the person get his feelings out in the open. He may also want to write his most private thoughts down in a journal. If a person does not talk about what he is going through, the feelings may build up and it could take him longer to get through the pain.

After the loss of a pet, an owner may find it difficult to see the pet's toys on a daily basis. He may want to consider making a memory box and filling it with special items. These can include the toys, pictures, and even a personal note to the pet. The box can be kept in a special place, and when the owner is feeling like he wants to look through the pet's items, they are available in one location.

A pet is not just an animal; he or she is a part of a family, so owners should not feel embarrassed to cry. When a person first loses his pet, it may seem like the pain is never going to get easier, but it does. He should give himself time, and he will eventually be able to think of the beloved pet and smile instead of shedding tears.


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It must be hard to lose a pet, whether it's a cat, dog, a fish (goldfish). It is very hard whatever it may be. I found the easiest way to cope when I lost my pet fish whom I loved very much and had for about five years, was a burial instead of flushing it down the toilet and a memorial. It was very moving and emotional for me as well as sad, but now I know he is in a better place. God bless you Jasper, may you find peace and solitude.

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Replace with a similar looking pet? Bob just doesn't get it.

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Interesting to see the consideration suggested.

I believe we should have similar or more care in the disposal of unborn children who are aborted for no better reason than the child was an inconvenience to the should have been Mother. Say mother please. It suggests a loving person who cares more about her children than herself.

Grieve for your pets. I have. But please keep things in balance. I would put more focus on helping kids in the families who lose a beloved pet. If you see that Fido or Fuzzy is on the way out, it can help the kids if you get another young pet of the same general type before you lose the pet. Peace, bob

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