What are Some Wardrobe Essentials for Women?

While many women have a closet full of clothes, there are some basics that should be in their wardrobe. There are pieces that can be worn during the day as well as for evening and can help to pull together an outfit. When choosing your wardrobe essentials, there are pieces you can consider buying that are versatile and should fit in well in any woman’s day-to-day style.

Among your wardrobe essentials should be a little black dress. You could wear it during the day with a cardigan over it or at night with some jewels that sparkle. In addition, you could wear it almost anywhere and chances are you will be dressed accordingly.

While diamonds are considered a girls best friend, cubic zirconia jewelry should be considered one of your wardrobe essentials. It has the ability to add a little shine to any outfit and make it that much more special. While you probably wouldn’t be happy if you lost a piece of jewelry, such as if an earring falls out of your ear, you may be less troubled if it was cubic zirconia instead of a diamond. They could add the beauty without the big price tag.


There is a good chance you probably have a drawer filled with underwear, but one of your wardrobe essentials should be a sexy piece of lingerie. Whether you are having a special night with someone or you are feeling less then your beautiful self, a piece of stunning lingerie could possibly change your mood for the better. It may even trigger an extra push of confidence.

A white button down blouse should be among your wardrobe essentials. It’s a shirt that you can wear to work, a job interview, dinner with friends or for a date. You could also wear it buttoned up by itself, open with a tank top underneath or even wear it under a blazer. Since you have the availability to wear it so many places and in so many ways, you may even want to consider having more than one in your closet.

If you are going to have a basic top, you should have a basic pair of pants as part of your wardrobe essentials as well. A pair of denim jeans could be worn on your most lazy days when you feel like taking only minutes to get ready and you could still end up looking stylish. Consider choosing darker denim which may make you appear a bit slimmer.

No wardrobe is complete without a pair of shoes you can wear with almost anything. Consider choosing a pair of black heels. They don’t have to be sky high, but they should be high enough that they wouldn’t be considered kitten heels. They could make your outfit look more polished and sophisticated.

What will completely pull an outfit together is feeling comfortable and confident in what you’re wearing. Your wardrobe essentials could be the base for the many types of outfits worn for various occasions. While you may be under the impression that only the most expensive clothes look the best, it’s possible to buy essentials for your wardrobe that don’t cost a lot but still look like a million dollars.



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@umbra21 - I like thrift stores as well, but mostly because I can't really afford to get good quality clothes from anywhere else, unless they are having a really good sale.

I hate buying clothes from cheap stores. It might seem like a deal at the time, but they almost always seem to fall apart within a few washes and they usually don't fit that well either.

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@MrsPramm - I like wearing clothes that are new to me, but they don't actually have to be new. I go to thrift shops all the time to look for clothes and I've found it's actually quite fun to get a few friends together and make this into a bit of an event.

Some of my favorite clothes have come from thrift shops. Often I've found that ordinary clothes stores will go through fads where it's impossible to find certain staples, like a plain black skirt for work, and I can almost always find what I need in a thrift store.

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It really makes a huge difference to my confidence if I feel like I'm wearing good looking clothes. Maybe that seems obvious, but it took me a while to realize that it just wasn't worth it to keep that scruffy t-shirt even though it hadn't actually worn out.

I think a handful of basics are best and then you can have some really beautiful accessories to jazz it up a little.

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