What are Some Tips for First Time Home Buyers?

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Purchasing a first home is an exciting event in the lives of many people. At the same time, the process does require paying close attention to several details. The potential home owner will want to obtain the best home loan possible and often needs help to navigate through the nuts and bolts of submitting a bid once the right new home is identified. In order to successfully deal with factors such as escrow, realtors and evaluating the several finance options open to new homeowners, here are some basic tips for first time home buyers.

One of the most important tips for buying a home involves understanding your limitations in terms of finances. This means taking steps to create and follow a budget that will allow you to live within your means and still make that monthly mortgage payment without causing undue hardship. While this may mean your first home cannot be as grand as you would like, keep in mind that there is always the possibility of buying something larger and in a more upscale neighborhood once your income level increases. In the meantime, you will enjoy your new home a lot more if there is no difficulty in honoring your obligations.


Along with planning the budget carefully, first time home buyers would do well to have resources set aside for a substantial down payment. When money is available for a down payment that is slightly higher than the minimum required, the door is opened to financing opportunities that may not be available otherwise. The larger down payment also means less of the purchase price to be financed, which in the long run can save a substantial amount of money.

After determining the amount of monthly mortgage payments that can be comfortably managed, the next step is to assess the current status of your credit rating. First time home buyers sometimes tend to overlook this factor before beginning the search for a first home. Taking the time to obtain and review the credit reports issued by the major credit reporting agencies allows you the chance to make sure the information is current and accurate. It also allows time to address any incorrect data found on one or more of the reports and resolve them before any bank or finance company runs a credit check. Making sure your credit is in order before looking for that first home will save a lot of time and effort later.

With an accurate credit report and an idea of what you can reasonably afford, it is time to move on to the task of obtaining home buying info from reliable sources. Your best bet is to contact realtors in the area. A realtor will not only know of properties that are within your price range; he or she will also prove invaluable in handling all the minor details of the purchase. This can save you from having to learn how escrow works, what type of quality inspections must be conducted before a loan can be granted, and a thousand other details. In later years when you are more seasoned with the process of home buying, you can try handling all the details yourself. But for first time home buyers, going with a realtor is the most efficient and safe option.

As with any major purchase, first time home buyers want to make sure their finances are in order and they can command the best financing terms possible. By creating and following a reasonable budget, looking at homes that are within the right price range, having money for a substantial down payment, and making use of a qualified and knowledgeable realtor to take care of key details, the process of purchasing that first home will run much more smoothly.



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