What are Some Tips for Business Travelers?

Most of us understand that traveling for business is very different from traveling for pleasure. Although there will probably be time for sightseeing, shopping and the like, as business travelers our main job is to represent the company we work for. We need to accomplish the objectives for the trip. Even though delays and missed connections are common when traveling, in business travel these can be especially negative. A few simple tips can help keep business travelers organized and on track to the best possible outcome for the company.

Save time by planning ahead for airline protocol.
Call ahead and/or check airline websites for particulars about the size of carry-on bags allowed and other information. For example, you'll get through searches faster if you follow all instructions such as storing toiletry items in clear bags. Be sure to arrive even earlier than you'll need to as it would be more than embarrassing to miss your flight if you got caught up in traffic on the way to the airport.


Have everything you need for business in your carry-on bag.
If you have everything you need for business in your carry on bag, you'll be saved from panicking if your luggage gets lost or delayed. Business travelers on short trips may only need a carry on. That can save you a lot of time as you won't need to wait at the baggage carousel. Have a place in your wallet or carry-on to store all of your travel receipts.

Work on the plane to give you more free time when you arrive.
Have a folder of work ready to occupy your time on the plane. Then you can reward yourself with free time sightseeing, going to a show or just relaxing by the pool at your hotel. If you can't use a laptop computer, be sure to bring extra pens and paper as well as any information you need.

If you must have checked luggage, pack light.
If you simply can't make the trip with only a carry-on bag, then pack only what you need in a regular suit case. For example, business travelers may find that one pair of shoes can be worn with more than one outfit and the same pair could work with both business wear and evening wear. Think about the clothing you'll need for each day and pack only that plus your accessories, toiletries and maybe a book to read.



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